Ways to be known and visible 2 – Writing for Blogs

Way to be known and visible 2 – Writing for Blogs

In the first installment of this series, I made an introduction about the ways entrepreneurs (and everyone else) can be known and visible. Previously I had talked about why it is so important to be known. Starting with this article, I will share several strategies how entrepreneurs and everyone else can be known and visible.

For the following few entries I will be talking about different ways to write about topics we are experts in, from different perspectives. For this first one I will talk about writing for a Blog a how it can help us on our quest.

There are many ways to see and understand how a Blog is written. The first Blogs were a personal journal, were anyone could write about a certain topic. With time, businesses started to create their own Blogs, something that is also used by large media companies. For instance, there are many Blogs that belong to large newspaper and magazines, written mainly by ordinary people and not journalist.

Probably the easiest way to start, is by defining a topic and starting writing on your own Blog. There are many alternatives to do this, including many which are free and fast, such as using Blogger or WordPress. Both are easy to setup and require a small effort on your part. If you want, you can also host your own Blog on a server, and install a software, which is not impossible, but not as easy as the previous 2 options. For any of this cases, define a catchy name and ideally, register your own domain name (such as an-entrepreneur.com).

A second option is if your company wants to create its own Blog. This can be a great idea, to promote the company, its product and for yourself. Plus, many people will probably want to write, so there is an area open to different views and messages.

The third option is to write for another Blog or a Blog own by a media company. Usually this option is open, but limited and pays no money for your job. Depending on the medium you are looking for, this can be difficult, as the Blogs are limited. If you know someone at the Blog, this can make your life easier, as it can open doors for you.

Generally speaking, all the options above can work and are valid. Whichever you choose, always keep in mind that with this strategy, you’ll be known as an expert little by little. For this to work, you have to be constant with your writing (in any given week, I write an average of 5 Blog posts) and have patience, as results will come, but it can take several years.

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