Ways to be known and visible 7 – Holding Positions of High Profile

Ways to be known and visible 7 – Holding Positions of High Profile

Today’s strategy to be know and visible can sound simplistic and obvious for many people, yet I talked about it because it’s frequently overlooked. With no doubts holding a job that has a high profile in an important organization can be an excellent way to be known.

This strategy will have great repercussions for entrepreneurs who are planning to create a company in the future and being their own boss. I’ve seen many people that work decades for important companies, where they have important jobs that pay well and afterwards quit so they can create their own company.

The key for succeeding with this strategy is that this high profile positions will make you visible. In this way, when you quit your job, you’ll have an excellent network of contacts and potential clients, among others.

Although this is an interesting strategy, it’s definitely not for everyone. For instance, in my personal case I didn’t want to work for many years at a company that wasn’t mine, just to be known. I believe that if I had done this, it was likely I had risen and obtain a high profile position. However, I didn’t want to quit when I was older, had a family and more. I understand and respect people who plan their entrepreneurship this way, but it is not a road I will like to take.

Based on my experience, any entrepreneur can create on his o her own a high profile job. It will probably be more complex than having a job at an established and well-known company, but through your labor and knowledge, you’ll be able to accomplish this objective.

I invite you to analyze this valid alternative, but understanding that not everyone will feel comfortable with this road, especially if you have to work at someone’s else company for many years.  If this model works for you, great! Always have clear the time you’re going to do this and know when it’s time to quit and move on with your own company.

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