Working happily with family and friends

working with family

Many times when we decide to start a new project we know we wont make it on our own. Therefore, we start looking for partners and logically we start with our network. The easiest place to look for partners in among our friends and family, and that is the reason why we end up working with them.

I have been working with my brother for more than three years, in our company Innovintergy Consulting – that was called before 360º Consulting-, a company that creates Internet and technology strategies. Fortunately, this project has been very gratifying but it has also taught me a lot of things about working with family, which I want to share today with our readers.

The first lesson is that before being partners we are siblings. Even if we work with a family member or a friend, we must understand that before we became partners we had this relationship. When you work with a family or a friend you must be careful because this relationship must prevail and be valued. All of our actions must be respectful.

The second lesson is that we must always value this person and his or her work. I have always believed that we have many people in our lives but this doesn’t mean we can work with all of them. Therefore, my advice is that before we start working with a family member or a friend we must think if we are going to be able to work together and if this person is going to contribute to the project. If the answer is no, it is better not to involve that person in the project, but if the answer is yes, value this person and its work.

The third lesson is that we must separate our work and our personal life. Even if we are working with a family member or a close friend, we are always going to find points in which we don’t agree and maybe argue with this person. The important point is that you must learn to separate it from your personal life, and if you have for example a family or friend reunion afterwards you must act as if nothing has happened between both of you. This might be one of the most difficult lessons you will learn, but is one of the most important to learn.

My last advice is that you must always remember that a clear and respectful communication will always get the best results.


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