Alternatives to our own e-commerce (part 2)

 alternatives to ecommerce

On my last post, I wrote about alternative media that companies have in order to sell online without having to invest a lot of money on their own website. Therefore, I talked about websites such as Amazon and E-bay (that works in the same way as Mercado Libre in Latin America). In this post I will present two additional options that companies have in order to have e-commerce in an economical and profitable way, taking into account the importance that Internet has today for companies.

In this way the third option I propose is creating a website in a very easy way with a Marketplace. On these types of portals, we are able to have an inexpensive website that we can personalize very easily, and also be able to be seen on their Marketplace which gathers many websites of this type. This is intended in order to take advantage of the Marketplace traffic in our own website. Two examples of these Marketplaces in Latin America are and Monomi.

The last option I want to share are the coupons websites, where the most popular one is Groupon, but many other exist. These companies have huge databases of people that allowed them to share coupons with them, including ours. Therefore, as a company the only thing we have to do is share with them an excellent discount and they will share it with the people of their database and close the sales directly on their website.

As you can se, there are many alternatives for the people that want to sale through the internet. However, take into account that not every option gives you the best benefits. As a businessman you must analyze some points before you take any of these options, such as the maturity phase in which you are or what type of product are you selling. For example, the coupons websites are an excellent option when you need to sell recurrent goods, as the Nespresso machine that forces consumers to keep buying their capsules.


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