Striking the Balance in Life 4 – Couple’s Life

Striking the Balance in Life 4 – Couple’s Life

Although I’m still working on this subject, one of the most important elements in my life is having space for couple’s life (not necessarily married life). I’m looking actively for this and I believe it’s already on its way. For me this is an element I have to work on to accomplish the balance I’m talking about in this series of articles.

You own situation might be or not similar to mine, or you might or might not be considering this as something important. As an entrepreneur, but above all as a person, I believe we must find equilibrium in everything we do. Work might be important; however, we must allocate enough time for other type of activities. It is normal that at certain times of our lives we devote extra time to some activities, like launching an entrepreneur project. But whatever you do, never loose focus on what is really important and part of the reasons why we came to this life.

Joining the subject of spending time with our families, we should also strive to have quality time with our significant other. In our “modern” way of living, time with your couple is usually neglected. For instance, is almost normal and an unwritten rule, that couples are joined together or that the relation is formalized with marriage or some other type of union, at a later age than what it used to be some decades ago. There are many reasons for this which I won’t analyze at this moment, but I call your attention to this topic, because we’re clearly relegating and postponing this important subject.

When dealing with work and our daily shores, we don’t give couple’s life enough time and attention. I believe that if we do things the right way, having a couple will be one of the easiest and fastest way to be happy. Also, if we find the ideal mate, with all his or her flaws, he or she will aid us towards other projects and will push us to achieve them, also making us a better person.

I invite you to analyze what is really important for you. And when looking for your desired balance, evaluate the time you’re devoting to your couple (or the search of your significant other). It’s quite possible that a simple analysis will make you change attitudes in a very short time. This case scenario would be ideal and will show you’re heading on the right path.

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