Does faith really move mountains?

Does faith really move mountains?

The tittle for this article is stated as a question and a modification to the old phrase faith moves mountains. I included these two changes to the phrase, as I wanted to analyze it and how it can help our lives as entrepreneurs.

Most of the time we analyze this phrase, we’re talking about the faith we have in God and religion, but I wanted to run away from these concepts. I want to clarify that I’m not saying that having faith in God or religion is a bad thing; it’s just that I wanted to bring in a different perspective. By doing this I’m bringing in a bigger perspective for both religious/believers and does that aren’t religious/believers.

One of the things I’ve learned throughout my many years as an entrepreneur it that we must believe and have faith. But believe in what, have faith in what? The answer is to believe and have faith in many things that we forget as entrepreneurs. I know faith will move mountains, but we have to start by believing.

One of the most important aspects, if not the most, is to believe in us. We must understand that as entrepreneurs, our dreams are usually big and ambitious, and by this it isn’t meant that they will be impossible to achieve. If we want it, we can make it a reality.

It’s normal that once in a while we stop believing in ourselves, for many reasons. To start, we blame ourselves for our lack of experience, lack of knowledge (as we see other people who know more than us), lack of contacts (networking) and more. These are all excuses we can work on to make our situation better. However I don’t care about your current situation, all I know is you have the tools to be successful.

Another element we doubt about and have a lack of faith is with our business partners and workers. This is a key factor, as it will be unusual to create a successful venture by ourselves. Our mission is to find good people who complement us, are committed to the project and who will help us find success. Sometimes it’s difficult to find people with these criteria, but I’m sure you will encounter them. However, that doesn’t mean these people will be perfect, as they will make mistakes just like everyone else. If we have faith over their human and professional qualities, these people will help us conquer our dreams.

Last, many times we don’t have faith in our projects. Sometimes the economic situation is harsh and we don’t see the “light at the end of the tunnel”. In other occasions, is because we talked with someone who said our project will fail, that our business idea already exists or that there is no market for it. You must ignore these people and believe in your project. Entrepreneur projects can always be better, but rely on what you have.

I invite you to have faith and think about all the great things you can accomplish. Some things will take months or even years to become a reality, but with hard work you’ll see the results. And with faith comes patience. This is part of the formula for success and it will take you as far as you want.

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