Mistakes we sometimes make as bosses (unable to decide)


For this new post of the series I have been writing about mistakes that bosses make I wanted to mention one that is very important that as a leader of your team you learn to manage: being unable to decide. Before I continue remember that on this series of articles I have been writing about bosses mistakes such as: mistaken ways to correct employees, not being able to delegate, having essential people in our team, not listening to our workers, not promoting a good work environment and not leading by example. I invite you to check them before you continue reading this post.

Now let’s continue with this post subject. Being a boss implies many things: having people in charge, provide guidance, teach, among others. One of the activities that a boss must perform and that relates with all the above is deciding. Many times decisions are easy because they are part of our daily routine such as deciding in the production plant who must perform an specific task, but other times the setbacks and particular situations will force a boss to decide out of his comfort zone.

When this occurs I suggest what I will mention next. First of all make decisions that you have analyzed. Many times we don’t have as much time as we wish we had, but it is very important that we evaluate our options and decide what we think it is best. Secondly I think that if you don’t have the knowledge to make that type of decision you must consult it with someone else. This consultancy can be as easy as a call to someone of your office – your boss, a peer, or even one of your subordinates- or it can be more complex and require someone extern to help you. Remember this is the reason why consultants exist and with their knowledge and experience you will be able to take a better decision.

Finally my greatest suggestion is that you decide. I think there is no worst situation that having a team in which a boss is unable to decide. These are the cases of bosses that don’t do nor let do. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes you and your team will learn when you err. Obviously no one wants to make mistakes but is practically impossible not to fail sometime.

I hope these advises are useful for you. On my next post I will bring another mistake sometimes bosses make.


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