Mistakes we sometimes make as bosses (Not leading by example)

lead by example

Once again I present to my readers a new post of the series of articles I have been writing about mistakes sometimes bosses make consciously or unconsciously. If you haven’t been able to read my last posts I invite you to read them. So far I have been writing about: mistaken ways to correct employees, not being able to delegate, having essential people in our team, not listening to our workers and not promoting a good work environment.

This time I will talk about a frequent error that bosses and in general leaders make: not leading by example. Being a boss definitely bring benefits – additional to better wages- and one of these benefits is having flexibility in many subjects. However sometimes bosses abuse from this flexibility, generating feelings of disgust within their teams.

I think that being a boss, more than bringing us flexibility benefits bring us many responsibilities and one is leading by example. I have heard many cases in which bosses make things they shouldn’t do with the excuse that they are the person in charge but they expect their subordinates not to do it, such as arriving late to the office. If this is the law imposed, they will have to do it, but this will generate a bad work environment and will make people lose respect for him.

That is the reason why my invitation is to lead by example. This is an easy task that is based in standards of conduct and coexistence within a company. Just try to be a good worker, meet your obligations and respect your subordinates. This will help you to have a good work environment and that you can ask your workers to work in a proper way. It will also help to avid bad comments about your work within your pairs. Remember that having a good reputation will always be good.

I hope that you are not the kind of boss I am talking about, but if this is your case it is never to late to change. This way of acting should be part of your daily behavior in order to obtain better results in the entrepreneurial scope.


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