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It is truth that when we graduate as professionals it is more what we don’t know that what we know. The reason is that with professional careers that last 4 or 5 years we are not going to be able to learn every single thing we need for our work life. However I think that many universities commit a huge mistake that is not generating comprehensive professionals that understand about technologies and businesses.

This is easy to notice when you see that professionals of administrative careers don’t know anything about technologies and also when you observe that professionals of technological careers don’t understand a bit of business elements.

Let’s start with the first case. A professional in a business careers such as Economy, Business Administration and Finances focus their career in business elements. However today more than ever technology is a strategic asset that must be managed in every business. Lets remember that this is a subject that affects many of the companies’ processes. This doesn’t means that an administrative professional must know every single aspect of technologies and Internet because there are going to be technical professionals who will work on this subject, but when he becomes the president of a company he must understand what implies every technology on his business.

On the other hand, professionals in the technical world must start to understand more about business elements. Generally they are so immersed in technisisms that they are only worried to program without understanding what it implies for the business. Many times a parallel world is created in which they talk their language and they are not able to transmit it to the rest of the world, making it very difficult to interact with them. If they understood more about business elements they would understand what worries the rest of professionals in the company, and it will be easier for them to work together.

The reasons I just mentioned are the ones why I think that universities must seek for more comprehensive profiles. I think that a person must work on what he is good at; a technician should work on this area as an administrative person should work on the business area, but understanding the other subject will help the business work better.

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