Entrepreneurship types: Slavery or life quality

Entrepreneurship types: Slavery or life quality

In the world of work different types of companies exist, with different cultures and offering different conditions to their workers. There are the businesses that don’t care for their human resources and the conditions in which they live. By contrast other companies do care for their employees and care if they are happy because they have learned that a person that works confortable and that has time to do their personal chores works in a better way. Before I decided I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I was lucky because unlike many people I know, I worked on a company of this second type I mentioned. Thereby with the exception that I had a special project or presentation I could work between 40 or 45 hour a week, which I considered fair and let me had life quality.

When I decided to become independent I knew that again I would have to face one of these scenarios but it was clear for me I wanted to remain in the second one. I have heard many entrepreneurs saying they don’t care to work a lot more if they know they are working for their projects and not for the ones of other people.

I agree with them but as I’ve learned, only up to some point.  When we start to struggle for our entrepreneurships it is normal that we might have to spend a lot of time and energy in order to take it forward. However according to my point of view I think this is convenient and maybe necessary in the first years when our project is young and we must spend time in it to make things work, but as it evolves this should change if we are walking the right path.

If our business is walking correctly this path it should develop as a kid. When a kid is born and he is a baby we must take care of him and watch him all the time. But when he starts to grow and becomes a kid or a teen he should become more independent, this occurs in a company in the moment we are able to delegate some tasks to our employees and with the normal operation of the business. When it becomes an adult or a mature company it must have the capacity to operate even when we are not around. This does not means that we must leave it, but it should work without our support.

This path I am mentioning is my take on how I think businesses must evolve so our independence does not turns into slavery but into quality of life. In this way we can have a business that satisfies all our requirements and needs.

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