Excellent communication, important for our work


As entrepreneurs we have work projects that at the end are part of our life project. Our illusions start to turn around this project, reason why we hope that this project turns out in the best possible way. However, we must remember that generally part of the success of this project is in hands of other people that have different dreams and motivations.

Making everything work in the best possible way depends in a big part in the way in which we can work in harmony with us and try to make their tasks in an excellent way. That is the reason why it is very important to achieve an excellent communication with everyone that is working with us because this will reflect in the achievement of our dreams.

The first thing we must understand is that in communications there is a transmitter –who sends the message- and a receiver – who receives the message-. The less the noise will be better and also if is send best and understood best the communication will be better. Many times leaders are offended because their work team doesn’t perform activities as they should and they blame them for not understanding his lead.

On this point –acting as devils advocate – I think it is necessary to understand that if we are transmitters we have a huge responsibility so that our team understands the message we are sending. Therefor it is vital to take into account the next two subjects. First, we must work so that our messages are clear and our receptor understands them. It is important to detail it, explain and generate a context. It is also important that we are open to receive questions and to answer then in the best way we can. The second point is to make sure that the receiver understood the message. It is important that once we send the message we ask the receiver if he understood, if he has any doubt about it and also ask what did he understood.

Only until this moment in which we are able to talk the same language and we understand perfectly with our team, we can seek for our life projects and our work projects.


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