“Wearables” in the life of Entrepreneurs

“Wearables” in the life of Entrepreneurs

In the last years the category of the so-called “Wearables” have become a tendency all over the world and each day more people become users. Many experts have predicted that this devices will become a multi-billion industry in the future. In fact, today there are many entrepreneurs working to create the next hot wearable.

Beyond the entrepreneurs working on the next mayor wearable, I wanted to analyze how this devices can help everyday entrepreneurs. In other words, I want to analyze if wearables can truly help entrepreneurs on their daily life, as a tool for work that other devices can’t do.

I’ve been using wearable devices on a permanent basis since late 2014 with two devices. My first device is a Smart Watch that pairs with my cellphone and serves me to see who’s calling, reject callas turn off alarms and alerts, and see messages, among other functions. My other wearable is a FitBit, which tracks the steps I make and my sleep patterns. Both devices are quite important in my life, as they help me to become more productive and have control on my health habits, something vital for any entrepreneur (and any person).

I’ve heard from a couple of people who have wear this type of devices and others like Google Glass, who don’t like the experience because they found it intrusive. This might be true, but in my case the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. In my opinion a busy person, like most entrepreneurs, will easily take advantage of wearables.

In my case, my Smart Watch is of great aid for my professional life. The main reason is that I walk constantly on the streets and I carry my cellphone in my pocket or a holster. When it rings or I receive a new message, I don’t have to take out the cellphone, I just look into the Watch. For instance, I can see who’s calling and from the Watch decide if I want to reject the call and even send a prewritten message to the caller. I can also see incoming new messages from my email account, WhatsApp and more.

Based only on my personal experience I recommend the use of wearables for other entrepreneurs. Some people won’t agree with me, which is fine. For me wearables have made me more productive on one side, and on the other, to be more conscious about my health. If you have my same opinion, I invite you to analyze this subject, as the problem is that there are many wearables in the market. You have to define the wearable that meets your lifestyle, the functions you need and that it is compatible with your other devices.

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