Mistakes we sometimes make as bosses (Not promoting a good work environment)


This might be the longest series of posts I have written since I started working on An Entrepreneur, and I decided to dedicate it to the typical mistakes that sometimes bosses make. Among these errors I have mentioned mistaken ways to correct employees, not being able to delegate, having essential people in our team, and not listening to our workers. In this fifth post I will bring other mistake frequently made which is not promoting a good work environment.

In big work groups, as in any society group, there will be people that like each other, and others that don’t like their peers; people that work happy at their jobs, and others that don’t; people with an easy temperament and others with a difficult one. This is the reason why it is not only important to harmonize relationships between people but imperative.

Many times work teams are able to auto-regulate themselves and this harmony is easily obtained. However some conditions and situations make it more difficult, so bosses need to intervene. I think that this is a subject that really concerns bosses and they must be obligated to act in this type of situations even if it is not an activity of their function manual. Having a good work environment makes people work better.

Therefore I think that something very important in order to have a good work environment is having good attitudes as a boss, such as: being just with every employee, not demonstrating who are our favorite employees, correct our people in a healthy way, among others. Additional to what I have just mentioned as bosses we must be aware of the attitudes of the people that are part of our team. With this we will know if they act respectfully with their peers. This doesn’t means that our offices must turn into a kinder garden so that they act in a mature way, but if we have difficult people we must understand it is a problem we must manage. Maybe we will need to reach the Human Resources Team in order to improve this situation.

I hope this post is useful for you and that you understand that even if it is supposed that our team is conformed by mature people, they are human beings that in occasions might act in complicated ways. In times like the described bosses need to act.

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