Online Stores, The benefits of being on the Internet (Part 1)

Online Stores, The benefits of being on the Internet (Part 1)

Years ago, deciding to become an entrepreneur was much more difficult than today. Almost always an entrepreneurship needs financial resources to start. This is the reason why before when investment firms did not existed, entrepreneurs needed sufficient resources in order to start their businesses. Other agent that made this equation difficult was the amount of capital needed in order to start operations.

However, today Internet has changed the way businesses are made and this include obviously the ideas of entrepreneurs. For this post and the next one I will write about online stores and the benefits they bring when they are compared to physical stores. The benefits I am going to mention, have made easy entrepreneurship and this is why today many businessman first think in online stores before they think in physical stores.

The first benefit I will mention is highly related to entrepreneurs and financial resources needed to start a business. Before, when a businessman decided to open a physical store he needed a place and then he should suit it for his business. Additional to this he will need to hire people in order to serve it. If we add all this, the costs to start operations will be very high. However with online stores this is part of the past. Today with a small budget we can create an online store. Concluding, the first benefit we can mention with the virtualization of the store is that is much more inexpensive than a physical store.

The second advantage I want to mention is storage. In physical stores we have a determined space we can use. This space cannot be easily increased. With online stores adding an additional product is very easy. Maybe you might be thinking that online stores also need a place to store the products. Although this is true, today it is easy to find warehouses and if we need more space we can hire additional space. We can also explore options such as just becoming brokers and leaving the storage problem to our suppliers.

To summarize this first post we can say that two of the benefits of online stores is that they make easy the storage theme and that costs are reduced. In the next post I will present other two advantages that we can fin with the virtualization of stores.

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