Online Stores, The benefits of being on the Internet (Part 2)

Online Stores, The benefits of being on the Internet (Part 2)

In these series of posts I decided to talk about a theme that is very important today not only for Internet companies but also for brick-and-mortar companies that on their natural evolution they need to migrate to this new media. This theme is online stores. Therefore since my last post I am mentioning the benefits that an online store brings when they are compared to physical stores. The first two benefits I mentioned where cost reduction and storage. In this article I will explore other two benefits when we decide to create an online store.

Other benefit I wanted to mention is that before with physical store we could only sell our products in a small place such as our city or a smaller place like our neighborhood. However today with the help of the Internet we can sell not only on our country but also worldwide as long as we have the logistic to do it. In this way our online store becomes a showcase where we can put our products in any place of the world.

The last benefit I am willing to mention is highly related with schedule. Some years ago when we only had the possibility of owning a physical store our business hours where reduced to a few hors of the day generally between 10 a.m. to 7 or 8 p.m. In addition to this if we did not had sufficient employees we where going to close our store in lunch hours without mentioning that maybe weekends our store would be closed. However this is part of the past with the Internet. Today our store can be opened 24 hours a day the 7 days of the week. All this will be possible as long as we have a server that supports our website traffic. Besides, in terms of costs, having our virtual store opened 24/7 won’t imply additional costs as a physical store.

To conclude we can point out many advantages of having an online store instead of a physical store. Among these benefits we find cost reduction, storage, extent and the possibility to have it open 24/7. However this does not means that this does not imply other type of complications and subjects that have to be taken into account when you decide to create a virtual store, but this is theme of a series that I will be writing soon.

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