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pros and cons

Being this a blog that talks about entrepreneurship, many times I have written about my experience as an entrepreneur. Therefore, in different posts I have written about taking this step, the things that make it difficult among other subjects. In this new post I will mention subjects I already have mentioned but I want to separate what I consider pros and cons about taking this path. Obviously these pros and cons are based in my experience as employee and as entrepreneur and they can be discussed. However, I will share my take on this subject.

Let’s begin with the bad stuff about being an entrepreneur. The first thing is that is difficult to live, especially on the first years of being an entrepreneur is the financial instability. When we start is difficult to be known which reflects in few resources in order to maintain the company’s expenses including our wage. The good thing is that if we continue working hard and we have a little luck this situation will stop at some point and stop being a problem.

The other con I have seen is the responsibility level, because many families might start depending on the incomes of our company. When we work for someone else this is his problem, not ours, but when we are entrepreneurs this is definitely our responsibility.

On the side of the pros, we have many things, or at least that has been my experience. The first one is that I am my own boss and this gives me the possibility to organize my work and schedules, giving me a huge flexibility. The second pro is the satisfaction level. When we work for our own project our achievements are celebrated in a more special way than our achievements for a company that we don’t own. The third is the lessons we learn as entrepreneurs. Before I mentioned as a bad thing the huge responsibilities’ an entrepreneur has. Even if this can be seen as a bad thing, it is important that we learn to be more responsible, measure risks and be able to require more from ourselves.

In my case, because I know that not all entrepreneur models are the same, I have had other benefits regarding life quality, independence end peace. Entrepreneurship definitely gives us the opportunity to create a model that meets all our requirements, as I mentioned in my particular case with life quality, independence and peace.

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