Secrets for Selling II – Knowledge

Secrets for Selling II – Knowledge

A couple days ago I started with a series of secrets for improving sales techniques. These are based on my experience and on what I’ve learned throughout the years. The first article talked about confidence and security when selling and how these two elements can be part of achieving great results. Today I continue the series with a very important element: knowledge.

Having knowledge can be a powerful weapon when makings sales. And this is a weapon that has several sides. To start, you have to know what you’re selling and also what the competition is selling. But also, you must have knowledge in the selling process and in your clients. In the following lines I will address each of these types of knowledge.

Let’s start with knowing your product. It is said that a good salesman know its product, which means he or she knows its advantages, weaknesses and shortcomings. In some areas, knowing technical characteristics is a must. To have a good sales pitch, these elements must be known. Also, you should know what the competition is offering, including price, versions and more.

As a second important element, we must have a good grasp with the selling process. There are many books, blogs (including this one), courses and more that talk about selling techniques. The more you read, the more you learn. You will even find books and courses that contradict part of your previous teachings, but this is fine. Some techniques will work in some scenarios, and when they don’t work other techniques can come to the rescue.

The last element you have to master, is knowing your client. For long selling process, that take several weeks, months or even years, this can be easy. With time you learn many things about your clients and you can use them for your advantage. However when the sales process is short, you have to use your best judgment. For instance, you can classify the client in categories, such as businessman, sports enthusiast, technology savvy, and more. By classifying the client, you can offer him something that fits what you consider is the motivation he is buying.

Knowledge is very important in life in general and when selling it’s no less important. This is a daily process, where you learn more and more and you become better in the sales process. Take these ideas and mix them with your own to increase your knowledge. Best of luck when making your next sale!

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