Selling a Business Idea to an Investor IV – Post Mortem

An Entrepreneur Blog Logo Last year we started at An Entrepreneur Blog a series of video post, were we gave advice of how to sell a business idea to an Investor. Throughout this series we dealt with how to prepare for the meeting, going to the meeting and making a follow-up to the whole process. Today we end the series with the post mortem of this exercise.

At this moment we don’t care if you were or not successful in the process of selling the idea to an investor. The idea at this point is to reflect on what happened, analyzing positive aspects and mistakes we made. With this approach, the objective is to become better for a next opportunity.

In the following video you will see our advice:

Video Selling a Business Idea to an Investor IV – Post Mortem

Thanks for visiting us today and viewing our video. We hope this advice helps you. Please leave your comments and feedback in the following section.

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