Take your Internet presence to a new and higher level

Take your Internet presence to a new and higher level

According to Internet World Stats, today more than a third of humanity has Internet access. Also, a recent report estimates that in the year 2017 almost half of the world population will have access to Internet. This growth isn’t present just in people, as each day more organizations have presence on this network. And this will continue each day, as businesses find that Internet is an excellent medium to do business.

For organizations all over the world, Internet is a huge business opportunity, however this situation can be quite complex. The fact is that this intense competition makes it difficult for newcomers to excel, as they will be competing not only with companies in their same market, but with every other company in the world that is seeking the user’s attention. In fact, the problem is that the attention of users is quite limited.

However, we strongly believe that it is possible for any company to excel in the Internet, that is, if they rely on an Internet Strategy. This implies, among others, understanding the users and the marking and having a high value market proposition. It also deals with having a clear understanding of what the company is looking for and how it’s going to achieve it.

You might be looking at this and saying something like “this sounds great, but it’s not always easy to translate it into results”. I’ve heard this a thousand times and that’s what I deal with in my daily life as a consultant in 360° Consulting. Throughout the years we’ve helped many companies that thought this, to create a strategy and have excellent results. But we wanted to take this a step further, creating a methodology that can be easily used by anyone, so we created a plan called Aceleración.com (currently only in Spanish).

Aceleración.com is a plan, a methodology and a free online curse, that teaches some of the basics to be successful in Internet. This plan, if properly executed, will allow to take the presence of any organization to a new and higher level. Although the website is currently only in Spanish, our consultants speak English and will be glad to help you. If you have any question, please contact us.

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