Time management, a vital theme for businessmen (part 2)

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I decided to write this series of articles about a problem many businessmen are facing: lack of time. Even though our job might require us to perform many activities on a little time, I think there are many ways we can organize ourselves and be much more productive.  This is the reason why I have been writing since my last post about this subject and what can we do in order to perform more activities on our time. On the next lines I will present some tasks we can perform in order to have a correct time management.


Use more productive hours

Even though I think that staying until late hours on the office or arriving early to perform our duties must be the exception and not the rule, sometimes it is a good idea. The reason is that on these hours generally there are not so many people on the office and we can take a break form calls, reunions and visits that don’t let us work. In this way when we feel that we require more time to work in a more effective way, I think a great option is to arrive two hours earlier or stay two more hours after the workday has been completed. Use this time to work without interruptions performing rapidly our tasks. However I repeat this should not become on our daily routine but just an exception when we have many activities to perform.


Where should we start?

Other subject I consider vital in order to organize our time in learning to prioritize our chores in a correct way. Let’s remember that time as all resources is limited and if we do not use it in the best way it runs out. This is the reason why many times we don’t manage to carry out all our activities. Therefore you must learn to perform your activities in the most intelligent way, starting by the most urgent and important tasks and leaving for the end the activities that are not as important. If you don’t do it in this way you will finish activities that were not primordial and will start working on the truly important and urgent activities very late, feeling you don’t have enough time to finish them.


I hope that you are able to practice the tips I mentioned in order to have more productive days. On my next post I will finish this series of articles with another pair of advices on the subject.


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