Time management, a vital theme for businessmen (part 3)


This is the last post of a series of articles I decided to write about a problem of today’s society: lack of time. Even though I have mentioned on my last two posts that this problem definitely exists, I also think that part of the problem resides in a poor time management. This is the reason why I have been giving some advices in order to manage in a better way this limited resource.

Today I will present my last advice. However, this tip is very different from the ones before because this is not an advice to manage better our time, but something we’ve got to learn, understanding that our time is a limited resource.

Learn to say NO

Learn to say No. This is my last advice. Unfortunately in this globalized and active world in which we live, we have been accustomed to be supermen and superwomen. However I will repeat something it seems to be forgotten: Time is a limited resource.

In this way we have been habituated to accept all the duties that people ask us to perform and we are afraid to say NO. Remember No is also an answer and that we are not supermen nor superwomen that are able to perform everything we are asked to do. This does not means that from now on you have to say no to everything, but you must be aware of the time you have in your hands and what you might do and what you can’t do.

At first people wont be used to receive this kind of answers, but on a decent way you may explain them the reasons why you can’t perform the task or the reason why you can’t have it done in the time the other person expects. I consider that this is a good practice because it is better to keep our promise and not to fail them because we have made an incorrect plan of our time.


I hope that all the advices I have presented on this series help you to manage in a better way your time. Practice them!


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