Tips to talk to Risk investors

Tips to talk to Risk investors

When an entrepreneur is looking for resources for his company he might have to talk to risk investors except if he is lucky enough to own the financial resources. Generally this is not an easy task and many people might find it stressful. In this post I will talk about this risk investors that have been mythologized and I will also give some tips for people that might need to talk to them.

I want to start first explaining why risk investors have been mythologized. Some years ago, these investors will only put their resources in projects that required an amount that exceed ten thousand million dollars. Taking this into account they created a stereotype of hard-core dealers to which only a few enormous projects were going to be presented. Small projects, such as the ones many entrepreneurs have today didn’t have a chance to be presented to these investors.

Even though with time they have change their view and today they also invest in smaller projects entrepreneurs still see them as unreachable people. However we shouldn’t forget that they are human beings just as we are and that generally part of their wage depend on the success of the projects in which they decide to invest. This is why they understand that they must find excellent entrepreneurs with great projects where they can invest.

Having stated the above, it is clear that not only entrepreneurs require investors but also investors require the projects of entrepreneurs. In this relation both sides will benefit. This is the reason why the best tip I can give to entrepreneurs is that even though they must be treated with respect –as any human being-, we should not fear them and see then as “Gods”. Generally entrepreneurs that have received resources from these investors are persons that haven’t been scared of talking to them and that have treated them without any reverence. In this way they have been able to negotiate in a way their project can benefit and have not bowed even when they have been against the wall.

To end this post I want you to remember that today entrepreneurs can find many investment firms. In this way you shouldn’t worry if you are not able to negotiate with the first investor. The important point is not to give up. In the business world a saying states that an entrepreneur will need to knock a hundred of different doors before he is able to find financial resources. How many doors have you knocked?

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