Ways to be known and visible 1 – Generalities

Way to be known and visible 1 – Generalities

In my latest article, I explored some reasons why I believe entrepreneurs should be known and visible. In my experience as an entrepreneur I’ve seen the benefits of being well known, to be a rock star. I’ve been able to experience this firsthand and I’m convinced this will benefit entrepreneurs and everyone else. For instance, a worker will benefit if he or she is noticeable and visible.

Based on this idea I wanted to write a new series of articles where I could explore some ideas and advices of how to accomplish this status. In the following entries, which will be released in over 2 months I will write about this ideas for all my readers. There are many ideas, ranging from writing articles and books, to giving public speeches and becoming a teacher. Most of these ideas I share are based from my personal experience and how I have become a known name and an expert on certain topics.

I invite you to follow this series and take the elements that will help you create your strategy to be well-known. Once again, these elements have helped me achieve my goals, but this in no way is a perfect formula. Please take those elements you believe will add value to your objectives, don’t do those that won’t work and add you own. This will be quite valid, as my road is unique, as so will yours.

Before I end this article, I have to mention that the elements I mention work one with the other. With this I mean that they are a circle, where each element complements the next. For instance, my writing and public speaking lead to being a teacher at a university, which in turn have me more clients. As time passes and we perform more things toward the goal of being known, the results will grow and be much better.

I hope you enjoy this series and please share your comments with us and other readers. Please tell us what elements you are using, which are not working and new elements you decided to add to the equation. And when you’re a big success, tell us what you did and how you created your magic formula.

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