Internet today because tomorrow can be late

Internet today

Many companies where born on the Internet, but many others where born in the brick and mortar world, but have needed to move to this new media. The first ones that I mention generally have done huge efforts in this media taking into account the fact that they where created in order to exist in it and it is the only way they can make businesses. However, the story is different when we talk about the second type of companies I mentioned before. They where born to exist in the physical world but with time they they have moved to the Internet thinking they can expand their businesses here.

Many times the second kind of companies get disappointed when they move to the Internet because they don’t understand that even if internet bring us huge opportunities it also bring us many challenges. Having a presence on the Internet doesn’t means only having a website or an account in a social network and that will magically bring to our company new businesses. As I have always mentioned on our corporative website Innovintergy it is a subject about strategy.

This is the reason why many companies get disappointed on the Internet because they think they are wasting time in it and not getting the businesses they wish and at the end they abandon these initiatives. However, I invite every businessman to think it twice before they end these types of initiatives. We are in a crucial moment where many companies have been very successful in this media, proving how effective it can be, but at the same time there are many industries that are practically virgins on these type of media and the efforts done have been very timid. All these can be translated in this way: we are in a moment where opportunities exist and we have seen that if it is done in a strategic way results can be seen.

If you are a businessman that is on this situation and your competitors are not doing huge effort on the Internet take advantage of it implementing a coherent strategy. Remember that Internet is the present and that if you wait too much time maybe on the future it might be too late and other companies have taken advantage of the opportunity you didn’t take.

Before I finish this post I want to mention that today Internet is not an option and that it can bring huge benefits to any company. You just have to learn to be proactive and to search for a strategy that will help you.


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