Ways to be known and visible 6 – Teaching a Class

Ways to be known and visible 6 – Teaching a Class

One of my favorite ways of being known and visible, although not the easiest one, is by teaching. I discovered that this strategy will help us to open doors, especially when your subject of knowledge is specialized and your students are at certain level, such as post graduates. However, as I’ve already mentioned, being a teacher is not always easy and I’ll explain why in the following lines.

Being a teacher requires several aspects from both your personal and professional life. First, you must want to share your knowledge and know how to transmit it in a simple and efficient way. There are many people who have a great deal of knowledge but are unable to transmit it in a simple way. It these two conditions are not met, maybe being a teacher is not for you.

A second element is two have the required contacts that allows you to become a teacher. Sure, you can just go visit a University and by knocking on doors someone might hire you to teach a class. However, it’s much easier if you have contacts who work at a University, College or other teaching center. So try and see if family members, friends or colleagues work at Universities or Colleges or if they know someone who does and try to make your way in. This strategy won’t guarantee a position for you, but your odds will increase.

Another way to teach a class is by participating in associations that give classes. If your knowledge is relevant, you might be able to postulate yourself as a teacher for an upcoming course.

Other strategies I’ve mentioned in this series of articles will also help in this objective. For instance, is you are writing for a Blog, traditional media or a book, or doing public speaking, these credentials will aid you greatly when trying to land a position for teaching a class.

In my personal case, by teaching classes I’ve become more known and I’ve also met future clients. Plus, teaching has an additional bonus, rarely found in other activities: by preparing and giving the class, I keep updated on my topics of knowledge and in contact with the latest tendencies.

If you really want to teach a class I invite you to analyze this idea and the different options to accomplish it. I have a blast when I teach a class and if it wasn’t for my lack of time, I’d do it more often. Besides classes pay money, which won’t make you rich but are an interesting additional income.

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