Mistakes we sometimes make as bosses (final ideas)


This is my last post in this series of articles I have been writing about some common mistakes bosses make. On my last eleven posts I have been mentioning mistakes that bosses make and many times they don’t even notice it is wrong and bad for their employees and company. The ones I have mentioned are:mistaken ways to correct employees, not being able to delegate, having essential people in our team, not listening to our workers, not promoting a good work environment, not leading by example, being unable to decide, not promoting their team growthnot promoting discipline, having analysts that only execute and thinking they are always right. I invite to read each of these posts since I share some thoughts about each of these mistakes.

This time I am not going to mention a new mistake but I will share some final ideas about the subject. The first thing I wanted to mention to my readers is where these thoughts come from. On my professional life I have had the opportunity to watch different angles of the companies. I have been an employee but also I have been an independent worker. I have worked with companies of different industries; public, private and also associations. Therefore I have been able to experiment being an employee, leading a team and seeing how bosses interact with their teams.

Obviously this is a partial list according to my experience. These are the mistakes I have seen and that I think they affect more negatively a work-team. I also want to clarify that these series of articles wasn’t created to make accusations but to act as a simple guide for bosses when things are not working, as they should. I know these mistakes many times are made in an innocent way because generally bosses are seeking what it is better for the company in the way they think it should be done. That is the reason why reflections as the one I am making might help bosses to make a better management. Many times we need opinions of people in the outside to see thing differently.

Finally I would like to point the following. I think that if you have made a mistake or even many of the mistakes I have mentioned it doesn’t makes you a bad boss. I just think we are human and we have the right to err and look for different ways to learn and grow. I don’t mean I have the absolute truth in what I perceive as mistake bosses make, but they are the ones that according to my experience I have seen are the most relevant and if you happen to agree with me you can take advantage of these series of articles and correct many things.


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