Which Is Better Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords?


Which Is Better Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords?

First we discuss about the differences between Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords.We will discuss about what will be good for and what will be not good for and hopefully it will be give you a much understanding.In 2017,the 2 most popular platform for the people one is Facebook Advertising and another is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is used specially for the people for searching any product service or anything in google.when you search anything for specific result and the result provided my google.These kind of result is commonly known as Google adwords.Google AdWords previously known about what are you looking for. Some are paid search and Google maintain these search and some are organic search and these kind of search are based on keyword which are collected from Google. Google AdWords is the world most strong platform for using paid search and which also used for PPC advertising. But most of the search engine has their own adwords.like bing adwords,yahoo AdWords etc.

google adwords

Facebook Advertising

Now, in term of facebook,the ads are not based on keywords. They are best on people likes. Like it based on who is seen the ads in Facebook. Facebook places an ad no more frequently in every 20 pause. Facebook not vary salesly but Facebook based on your own interest. Facebook targeting me specially either the action i have taken, interest I have. Facebook target you in your demonstration of everything like share comments status everything. Based, on these Facebook target the audience and show the add to the audience. Even, the things you have purchased, they can target you in pshygraphic way also.

Facebook Advertising

Now you have a business and which one you going to chose? Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords? Thinking about these you definitely frustrated.

The one time Google AdWords is the only platform for online marketing. Google Adword is “the” internet standard for internet marketing. But for the massive growth and popularity of facebook they have definitely up the ad game, making ad more affordable, appealing and effective.


1st step is ad targeting. Facebook provide extremely specific audience for the advertising for their ad campaigns. Far more specific then Google PPC campaign. PinPoint is very specific demographics for your advertising.In these case facebook advertising is better than Google.  PinPoint is very specific demographics is a plus fits your product and services exactly which translate lower cost per click.For these Its definitely FACEBOOK.

Next step Timing

Next step Timing

Both facebook and google show some potential for people who ready to purchase.Typically when people ready to buy any product  and services,he/she search in internet to find the place to buy it from. Some searching it to opening a website,the company they interested to purchase the product/services,and searching the company advertise out on internet,or out from facebook.Timing is little bit tie for both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.Google post the ad only in the pages but facebook sometimes post the ad outside from the facebook for the non-Facebook users.

Ad Engagement

In these category Facebook post the ad completely interactive. Google provide ratings for product and services. otherwise their ads are only one way. Ad on Facebook is completely interactive. people ask questions in comment right in the ad, they can like the Facebook pages on the ad then click through to know about the company as well to click the website to know more about the company. Bottom line much more interactive then google.

Ad quality

if you want to set your ad visually appealing, and design is important to you Facebook is ahead from google.Images comes out and in Facebook you can post fabulous  images, videos that you can’t  in Google.

In my point of view face ad is much more better then Google but if you come to the ctr rate then better.

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads: Which Should You Be Using?

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful advertising platforms that cater to virtually every type of business. When evaluating each solution’s strengths and potential applications, it’s also apparent that the two platforms should be viewed in a complementary, rather than adversarial, way. Some people insist on comparing Facebook Ads to the Google Display Network, and while the two platforms share some similarities (as detailed in this comprehensive Facebook vs. Google Display Network infographic), the ways in which the two platforms have evolved independently of one another shows that AdWords and Facebook should be used in concert, not in opposition.

Harnessing the power of both paid search and paid social is a remarkably effective advertising strategy. However, it necessitates a dual advertising strategy that aligns with the strengths of each respective platform. Although marketing messaging can – and arguably should – remain consistent across both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, it’s vital to understand how best to use each platform for maximum ROI and greater business growth.

To learn more about how to maximize the impact of your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns, check out the free lessons at WordStream’s PPC University. Divided into three distinct tracks beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, PPC U has everything you need to master paid search and paid social, and to help even the most modest advertising budget work harder and smarter.

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