Facebook Hacking Protector

For many, Facebook is a part of their daily life. It’s how most people connect to their friends and colleagues. Many considers Facebook as their own extensions. This is the media which lets your surroundings know your daily activities. Which is why getting your Facebook account can be more than frustrating. Depending on what the hackers do, they consequences may get worse. Also, you might face severe humiliation and might harm to your reputation or even cost you big money. Now, the first thing you do on the very moment you understand your account has been hacked is, you immediately change your password. Down below, we will discuss of the methods to keep your Facebook account secured.

Choose a Strong Password

Choose a Strong Password
Choose a Strong Password

As your password is the key to the login authentication, you must choose a very strong password. And always remember, do not ever use your real/nickname, birthday or other info that can be related to you.

  • Always choose a password contains at least 8 characters. Remember, the more letter you increase, the harder it’d be for the hackers to determine the password.
  • Your password must contain uppercase, downcase numbers and symbols or special characters.

There are many websites who will generate strong passwords for you. Such as Norton’s Password Generator.

Use 2 way verification system.It’s vary important to secure your facebook account.

Never Use Your Facebook Password Anywhere Else

‘Make sure for every other account around the web, you have a different password.. While doing such, remember two things:

  • Same password with different numbers are still weak.
  • Again, if you feel like its not possible for you to make a strong password, take help of the online password generators (Must be reliable source).

Use a password manager

Its considerable enough that you won’t be able to remember all the unique passwords. Sometimes this may cause conflicts. In this case, do use a password manager. Mac users get key-chain password manager with their OS for free. Best recommendation is to follow the old school analogue system. Yes, a pen and a diary.

Change your password

In every four-six month cycle, you should update your password. Remember, never ever share them with anyone. Doesn’t matter if it is even your old one.

Never Allow Browser to  Remember Your Password

Anyone having authentication to your computer will be able to find out your password if you let your browser remember your password. So do not ever to that. A frequent input of your password will make easier for you to remember it more.


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