Facebook New Features


Facebook New Features
Facebook New Features

Facebook has passed an wonderful set of track. In the world of World Wide Web, there are not many sites who has such a wonderful track such as Facebook. A study recently revealed that Facebook is constantly getting contained of different utilities. The users are surprisingly getting to much dependent with its utilities. They said that they would not want to leave it because of its lacks of utilities. They would leave it for the fear of getting addicted to it.

However, a remarkable set of changes has been brought to  Facebook during 2016. They are expanding their native services in 2016 substantially. But these changes are not new to Social Media World, Facebook seems to integrate all the best features other social medias have on their own website as a central hub. So Let’s check ém out.

Facebook Live Video for All:

Although it was launched for some verified pages over US for test run, it has now been broadly  spread amongst all. No external app  is required to use this feature.

Facebook Professional Services:

Noticed sometimes after you check in to somewhere? Did Facebook ask you for a review and share your experience? Yeap, Facebook has integrated a professional service onto their site. This will help others to learn about a service, their locations contacts and more.

Improved Search

Facebook after they drooped Bing off their search provider, few knew that they would replace Bing with themselves. Their new search function has made easy to find and access public posts lot easier.

Facebook Shopping

Facebook has added a BUY button to their website and allowed the E-Commerce partners to sell their products on Facebook. But this must be done through Shopify.

Facebook Music Stories

Facebook has allowed their audiences to have a 30 second preview to music from Deezer, Apple Music etc. It was first made possible for iPhone users only. Now in a wide range, PC users are also able to enjoy this feature.

Facebook Reaction

The most awaited and expected feature which finally got integrated on facebook.Users will now be able to express their exact feelings or reactions through what we once knew the like button. Long pressing this button will Pop-Up with 7 different reactions including the good old Like option. To show their gratitude towards the Mothers all over the world, facebook added the Thankful Reaction as well.


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