Happiness and Entrepreneurship by the hand

Happiness and Entrepreneurship by the hand

Andrés and me, as writers of An Entrepreneur Blog have tried to post about different subjects related to entrepreneurship (obviously!) plus other subjects that may help businessmen to be successful not only in their career but also in their personal life. This is why we have written about motivation, emotional intelligence, and life plan, among others.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk about business and life with a person that told me the next thing: “people have in their lives many cups. Each of these cups has different names or in other words roles. Thus there is a different cup for work, family, partner relationship, friends, education, and others”. According to what we talked, she told me that the only way in which we can be truly happy is if we can fill every “cup” of our lives. If one of this “cups” is empty we are going to feel unsatisfied and we wont be able to be truly happy.

What she told me made me think about this subject for a while and I concluded she was totally right. As I have written in many of my posts the path to entrepreneurship is not easy and it is very demanding especially in the subject of time and commitment. Many times entrepreneurs must stop filling in their other “cups” in order to satisfy what his work “cup” is demanding. It is true that sometimes this is needed. It is not possible to be successful in our businesses without a little sacrifice and dedication but we must not forget that being a businessman is not the end but the means to achieve some of our life objectives such as financial stability and economical independence.

In this way the invitation for our readers through this post is to meditate about their lives, the objectives they have and the “cups” they must fill in order to be happy. Although it might happen that in some crucial points of their entrepreneurship they must take care about their work “cup” more than of other of their cups, this should only be temporary. In the long term they must struggle to keep all of their “cups” filled in order to be happy with their lives.

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