Mistakes we sometimes make as bosses (analysts that only execute)


This is one of the last posts I will write for this series of articles that talk about mistakes that bosses make. Among this common mistakes I have mentioned:mistaken ways to correct employees, not being able to delegate, having essential people in our team, not listening to our workers, not promoting a good work environment, not leading by example, being unable to decide, not promoting their team growth and not promoting discipline. In this post I will talk about a mistake that is common in large work groups and that are composed by employees with different levels. This mistake is having analysts that only execute and don’t analyze.

As I just mentioned this is a mistake that occurs principally in large work groups with different levels, because in small groups many times it is necessary that analysts perform many operative tasks. Otherwise happens in large groups where we have at least two levels: analysts and assistants. Assistants or operative employees in this case, should perform operative tasks or in other words repetitive actions that don’t require a large amount of analysis. Instead, Analysts or medium level employees that are professional and have a higher level, should perform other tasks that require knowledge, specific training and also analysis and decision making.

Many times what I have just mentioned is contemplated according to the work level and study level, but in practice many analysts end up performing many operative tasks. When groups are large and are divides in this type of levels the analysts should be used for processes that add value. If you have analysts that are only executing you are wasting this important resource, that can be used in a better way and throwing the company’s money. That is the reason why I recommend what I just mentioned: having analysts that think, and perform tasks that add value to our process, because operative employees are more economic and don’t need.

I hope this analysis helps you to use in a better way all the human resources you lead.


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