Mistakes we sometimes make as bosses (not promoting discipline)


In the last eight posts of this series of articles I have mentioned some mistakes sometimes bosses make in their companies: mistaken ways to correct employees, not being able to delegate, having essential people in our team, not listening to our workers, not promoting a good work environment, not leading by example, being unable to decide and not promoting their team growth. As you can see all this examples are highly related to bosses that are very strict, little accessible and controllers. However being in the other side – not being strict- can also bring some problems. In this post I will talk about this subject.

I think companies must promote a working place that is confortable and where people can feel serene but I also think that as grownups we should be able to behave well and comply with all our obligations without having anyone telling us what we have to do. Therefore I am someone who believes that our working space shouldn’t become a kindergarten, where bosses have to act as teachers telling them what they have to do.

In this post I propose that as bosses we must find a medium term in which we promote discipline but without having to be yelling and punishing everyone. Sometimes it is difficult to find this medium term, but I think a good way is being a flexible boss but that sets limits. In other words it is a good idea to be a boss that is near to his people, that doesn’t get mad for things that aren’t important but that sets limits to his employees. This means he should give them the opportunity to auto-regulate, but if they start to abuse he must limit them and not wait to have a bigger problem. These medium terms may be helpful because our employees will have a good work environment but they also will comply with their obligations, and will know their limits.

I hope this post helps you to prevent the mistake of not having limits and not promoting discipline. On my next post I will talk about other mistakes we make as bosses.


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