Secrets for Selling I – Confidence and Security

Secrets for Selling I – Confidence and Security

Selling is a vital element for a successful entrepreneurship. I know many entrepreneurs don’t like to sell, because they don’t like it or whatever other reason they have. However, this is vital for success, for a couple of reason. To start, if you’re seeking financial aid your entrepreneurship project, you have to convince and sell your idea. Also, for the product you’re selling to become a success, you also have to sell it.

Most entrepreneurship teams are interdisciplinary (they should be this way), so the team is made up with people who have different knowledge and background. In this way, someone might be a better salesman than other members, but everybody should learn about selling. This is the reason I’m writing today this article, as I want to give advice in becoming a better salesman.

There are many books, courses and more that deal with what I call the art of selling. Some are good and others are not. My idea is to share my personal thoughts based on my experience on this subject.

Before I talk about the main subject of this article, let me tell you that I used to be a lousy salesman. In fact, 10 years ago I wouldn’t have imagine my self in the sales process, because I’m a shy person. However I learned that in order to be successful I had to overcome my shyness and learn how to talk with people and sell my products, ideas and more. I can’t say I’m the best salesman, but I can say I’m much better than what I used to be 10 years ago and that each day I’m better, as this takes time and practice.

Let’s start with today’s topic. My first piece of advice is to have confidence and security in all the selling process. You have to convince yourself that you’re a great salesman and that you will sell whatever you want. For example, convince yourself the product you’re selling is the best one in the market, even if it’s not. The best salesman in the world knows and understands this and can sell anything, even if the product is really bad. I’m not telling you to do this, as doing such a thing has moral and ethic implications, but you get the idea.

Now let me show you an example. If you’re buying a high priced product, for example a car, a pleasure trip or an apartment and the salesman is nervous and sweeting and every time you ask him a question his voice trembles, what will think? Will you be confident with this seller? Probably not and it will be wise to seek advice somewhere else. The same will be true in your selling process.

It’s not easy to become a good salesman as this takes time and practice. Even if it sounds silly, I advice you to rehearse your selling speech in front of a mirror. Then go to the real world and practice your speech. You will make many mistakes but that is OK, as it is part of the process. Repetition is the key to gain confidence and security and I’m sure sooner than later you’ll be able to project this to all your clients.

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