In what should I spend my sand grains?

In what should I spend my sand grains?

In this blog, that has entrepreneurship as its main subject, we have been talking about the great world of the businessman and how even though this is a difficult path in the end it brings a lot of satisfactions. However there are many people that even though they wish they could walk this path unfortunately they haven’t been able to do it and keep on working on a company owned by others.

Today I went to drink a coffee with a good friend and while we talked about life and our future plans, he expose me in a graphical way something everyone knows, but only a few stop to analyze. According to his words human beings are only owners of a stopwatch waiting to use all its minutes. Thereby being a company employee is just a sale of our time in exchange for a paycheck, in other words a new slavery modality. We give a company the only thing we really own and is valuable for us in return for an amount of money.

So if every human is owner of a sandglass that cannot be turned over and over isn’t it important to be conscious in what are we spending our sand grains? I am not saying that being an employee is a bad decision. Fortunately all humans are different, think different and are passionate about different things. In this way many people love their jobs and have a good time performing it. However if your only incentive is a paycheck I suggest that you give it a thought. Remember even though money is important in order to live, it is not everything in your life. Money comes and goes, and someone may have money today and then lose it tomorrow or vice versa but by contrast no one can return you your sand grains.

I guess the above is not new for you but at least I hope it makes you reflect about your life and act in order to spend each of your sand grains in what it really makes you happy. If you are happy working for other ones keep on doing it but if it is not your reality struggle in order to get out. Don’t wait till you have few sand grains in order to change your life. You will always find excuses for not changing but believe me your moment is know.

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