Telecommuting advantages for your company (part 4)


This series of posts I have dedicated them to a working method that is not new but that became popular thanks to the technological developments of last years: telecommuting. This method, in addition to bring many benefits to employees, it also brings many advantages to companies which use it. On my last posts I mentioned as advantages for the companies human talent recruitment and retention, productivity increase and travel times decrease. Next I will present another advantage that can be useful for a company.

Absenteeism decrease

We have to start by remembering that our employees even though if they are truly committed with our company, they also have a personal life and might have to face difficult situations. In this order of ideas subjects such as sicknesses, doctor visits, problems with parents or children where always going to imply absenteeism – justified or not justified-.

With telecommuting this situation is modified. When an employee had a minor sickness such as a cold, this could justify an absenteeism of maybe 2 o 3 days, where the employee was not able to perform any of his tasks. Today with telecommuting, even though the employee is not on his best conditions he will be able to perform some of his duties, perhaps the most urgent ones, because he has all his tools at home.

Before when the employee needed to perform a procedure or a personal task such as a medical check this implied not attending to work for a whole morning or afternoon. With telecommuting as the employee don’t have to comply with a schedule; he might perform his job from home after he finishes his personal procedures.

In a similar way occurs when he has a sick parent or child he has to look for. Before, this would have justified absenteeism, but with this new working method he will be able to look after them and also perform his tasks.


On the next post I will present other advantages that telecommuting brings to a company.


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