8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers


8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers

What amount of time did you put into making you Twitter bio? In the event that you simply regarded it as an untimely idea or raced to complete, there’s a solid possibility it’s likely not as solid as it could be.

You don’t need to invest hours making your Twitter bio, however you ought to put more exertion into it than most brands figure it out. Rather than simply making a halfhearted effort to complete it, take after these tips to make a Twitter bio that fills in as something other than a placeholder.

The Pieces of Your Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile is made of four main areas:

  1. Your Name & Username
  2. Bio
  3. Location
  4. Website

Name & Username

You have two sorts of name identifiers on Twitter: Your name and username (otherwise known as @username). Your username must be one of a kind, which means it can’t as of now exist on Twitter. Then again, your name can be whatever you need.

Keep it basic here and utilize your organization name for both if conceivable. There are a few circumstances where this won’t not work however. For example, your organization’s username may as of now be taken or it may not fit inside the 15-character constrain. In those cases, you’ll need to get somewhat more inventive.

Here are a few tips on the most proficient method to pick a Twitter Handle, including what to do if your business name is as of now taken. On the off chance that you can’t utilize your business name, attempt these famous choices:

  • Use HQ: @acmehq
  • Use your location: @acmechicago
  • Add your industry: @acmeapps
  • Use “get”: @getacme

Some other prescribed procedures are to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous numbers, underscores and irregular characters. The less demanding it is for individuals to recall your username, the better.


Your profile, which is what really matters to this article, is the area of your profile that clarifies your general business. It’s typically the primary thing individuals will take a gander at when they visit your profile, and it even now and again appears in web index comes about.

Obviously, your profile is vital. How much esteem it accommodates you be that as it may, relies on upon the measure of work you put into it.


The area setting is especially essential for organizations with a neighborhood nearness. On the off chance that you have a physical customer facing facade like a retail shop or eatery, incorporate your geographic area here. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have a store where individuals can visit, you can in any case list the city your business is based out of.


Did you realize that online networking drives 31% of all site referral activity? Including a connection in your Twitter profile is a basic approach to catch some of those potential guests. It can be a connection to your site, presentation page or blog entry. Additionally, a little-known hack you can use to get various connections in your profile is to include one in your profile.

We suggest utilizing a trackable connection with the goal that you can watch out for movement that originates from Twitter. Administrations like Bit.ly or goog.gl track clicks while shortening your URL, making it all the more stylishly satisfying to watchers.

Since you realize what makes up your whole profile, how about we limit in on the bio, since the range you’ll put the most thought into. Here are eight Twitter bio thoughts to make your record emerge for all the correct reasons:

1. Intrigue People

Let’s be realistic, a great many people don’t get super amped up for perusing Twitter profiles. However, some portion of the explanation for that is a considerable measure of brands have exhausting, treat cutter profiles that don’t have anything to draw individuals in.

Subsequent to perusing your Twitter bio, you need individuals to feel like they have to know more. The best approach to do this is by arousing their advantage by one means or another. There should be something in your profile that promptly gets your group of onlookers’ consideration. As you can envision, that is hard to pull off inside 160 characters, yet it’s not incomprehensible.

Ever note figures out how to clarify what they do, while speaking to your interest. You can’t resist the urge to get a handle on constrained to check their stories, tips and traps in the wake of perusing their profile.


2. Explain What You Do

It sounds fundamental, yet you may be amazed by what number of brands have Twitter profiles that don’t clarify what they really offer or do. Huge set up brands like Nike can escape with that. Be that as it may, in case you’re not globally known, including setting is extremely useful. Individuals shouldn’t need to go to your site so as to make sense of what your organization does.

Composing an organization depiction in your profile is additionally a decent exercise to test how clear your informing is. In case you’re attempting to portray your organization in 160 characters, there’s a decent shot you’ve overcomplicated it on your site and promoting materials as well.

Investigate how Goldie lox figures out how to plainly clarify what they do while being extremely compact. It’s the ideal lift pitch!

3. Include a Call to Action

Inspiring individuals to take after your image on Twitter is decent, yet it shouldn’t be your true objective. Having supporters for having them is trivial. You need to get individuals off the application and onto your site or presentation page so you can change over them into a lead or client.

All it takes is a speedy and short portrayal of why individuals ought to tap the connection in your profile. On the off chance that you need to enhance your odds of progress, make an exceptional select in offer or something to that affect that you can guide your Twitter activity to.

RYOBI Control Instruments utilizes their Twitter bio to direct individuals to their blog with an unmistakable invitation to take action.

4. Shout Out Your Other Brands

On the off chance that your organization has a sister brand, why not advance it in your profile? Twitter Handles are interactive inside Twitter profiles, so simply incorporate @username and individuals will have the capacity to effectively get to your other image’s record. This is likewise useful on the off chance that you have a different Handle for client bolster or a help work area.

5. Promote Your Branded Hashtag

Does your organization have a marked Hashtag  you need your supporters to utilize while specifying your image on Twitter? Ensure individuals think about it by incorporating it in your Twitter bio.

The Helper brand has one thing in their bio, #WATCHTHESTOVE, which is the branded Hashtag they launched as a part of an April Fool’s campaign in 2016.

6. A Little Humor Doesn’t Hurt

Keep in mind what we said in regards to interesting individuals with your profile? Cleverness can give you simply the edge you have to draw individuals in and get their advantage. Each brand may not be as amusing as Jimmy John’s or Old Flavor, however that doesn’t mean you can’t crush in a touch of entertaining from time to time. Take UberFacts for instance. The site is loaded with irregular fascinating truths. Their Twitter bio makes a decent showing with regards to of clarifying what they’re about amusingly.

7. Include Important Keywords

At the point when individuals are hunting down substance identified with your industry on Twitter, you need to appear. Including watchwords into your profile can enhance your odds of appearing in Twitter’s query items.

See that we said to incorporate imperative watchwords. You would prefer not to begin tossing a pack of catchphrases into your profile only for having them there. They should be significant, not constrained. In the event that you took after the second tip and depicted what your business does, there’s a decent possibility you actually incorporated a few catchphrases that bode well.

FitFluential’s Twitter bio has applicable catchphrases to portray what truly matters to. See how it doesn’t appear like they composed their profile around particular expressions. Rather, they composed their profile and watchwords actually became all-good.

8. Avoid Unnecessary Buzzwords

You’ve most likely observed it some time recently. Twitter profiles with things like “Disturbing the correspondence business” or “Lean startup shaking up the tech world.” While they may sound in vogue in your mind, the fact of the matter is these popular expressions do little to make your profile additionally engaging.

You’re attempting to emerge from the group. Utilizing similar trendy expressions hundreds or thousands of other individuals utilize will probably make your image mix in and go unnoticed.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Twitter Bio

In the event that your Twitter bio isn’t as engaging as you think it could be, do a revive. You can change your profile at whatever time and test distinctive duplicate to make sense of what’s best. Set aside some opportunity to investigate your profile and check whether you can execute any of our eight tips to make your Twitter bio more successful.

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