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Be it your Facebook Profile

Be it your Facebook profile, be it your Gmail- the problem of hacking has increased to such an extent that people really worried about protecting personal data. Protecting personal data is really important as you can never really know about the real intention of the hacker. It might seem a bit hard, but by following some rules sternly and by maintaining sufficient privacy you can easily protect your personal data.

The inappropriate revelation of sensitive data may cause serious harm to an individual, an organization, a faculty, a society and sometimes to a nation even. So it is our bounden duty to be careful about protecting personal data. Here some basic rules are given for you which might be helpful:

Rule 1. Be careful about your password

Don’t set the same password for your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet or any other device. And don’t write the password in any of your devices.

Rule 2. Use Google Alert

It is a very easy and effective way of protecting personal data. After visiting this site, write your name and click the option that indicates ‘Alert.’

Rule 3. Clear browsing data after using others’ device

If you’re using someone else’s device, it is better to delete the browsing data when you’re done working with it. As a result, the person who will use it after you will not be able to visit your profile. If you don’t do so, the result might be really awful and disagreeable!

Rule 4: Don’t let others use your phone or E-mail

Never share these numbers with an unknown person. In most cases, it is found that if the authority of an office or organization wants these numbers from its employee, they share it. t comfortable with it.

Rule 5. Set the privacy of your Facebook profile as ‘Friends’

When you’re uploading any photo or updating any information on Facebook, make sure that the privacy is ‘ only friend

Rule 6. Clear the browsing data from your personal device as well

Can you remember the last time you cleared the browsing data from your own device? Go to your browser settings and select ‘Never Remember History’. As a result, it will be almost impossible for the hackers to track you on the internet!

Share this with your friends and help them knowing some easy ways of protecting personal data!


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