Get Response Vs Benchmark: Email Marketing Tool Should You Use


GetResponse Vs Benchmark: Which Email Marketing Tool Should You Use?

You must have seen advertisements about Email Marketing on several websites. So, what does it mean? Can it be beneficial to you? Many say that Email Marketing is helpful when one tries to enhance business communications targeting specific audience. The best part is, while being cost-effective it helps one to easily reach their potential customers. So today we are going to see if GetResponce or Benchmark is better; which one you should use and why.

GetResponce and Bechmark both are two of the most popular Email Marketing Tools. We will today learn which one is better than the other one.

GetResponce Email Marketing Tool:

It is the 3rd most popular Email Marketing tool available worldwide. IT has over 4,00,000 users all over the world and available in 20 different language.

Benchmark Email Marketing Tool:

From a office bench with Three office staffs, Benchmark grew so fast and vast to many. Mostly because it lets you use Online Marketing tools. Also it lets you grow an outstanding relationship with your business clients.

GetResponce vs. Benchmark, Which one is more Suitable and Why?

It’s really hard to compare between these two because both of them have some identical matches such as:

  • Both of them offers a free 30 days trial and to get this trial, you do not need to use your credit card info.
  • Both of these two tools has A/B Split testing feature.
  • Both of these tools have the autoresponder feature.
  • Using both of these tools, you will be able to design eye soothing email formats.

GetResponce vs.Benchmark


GetResponce has four different packages focusing on the size of the email list. On the same criteria, Benchmark offers 3 packages.

Designing Emails:

With GetResponce, you will get the complete freedom of designing Emails. Which means, you will be able to design your own templates.

On the other hand with Benchmark, you will be able to develop attractive emails for iPhone and iPad. They have made 60pixels larger icons to help easily read Emails for mobile users.

Photo Editor:

GetResponce has its own gallery of more than 500 newsletter templates.

In Benchmark, along with the pre designed templates, you will get a photo editor. You will be able to edit photos with effects, add stickers and many more.

In conclusion, I’d personally advise GetResponce as I myself have been using it for a long time. They kept me satisfied with their outsdanding service and delivery  dependability.

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