Google Buy button: Will it impact E-Commerce?


Google Buy button: Will it impact E-Commerce?

Trade and commerce has always been exciting, because it constantly offers innovative ideas. Shopping online is one such phenomenal revolution that changed thecourse of the entire e-commerce business .At, first let me briefly explain you about buy button. Basically, it is an option available in many websites in order to purchase products online through your mobile, provided if you own a debit or credit card. To make things more exhilarating Google will introduce their own buy button which will have a great impact on e-commerce.

Impact for thoughts

Below are some points which gives an us idea about the impact that the Google buy button might have in e-commerce

Rise in mobile sales due to simplicity

Whoever owns a mobile always faces a problem while shopping online, because many users find it excruciatingly annoying to provide their information about their card. It is a chaos due to mobile keypads and sometimes the link of the purchasing website gets lost or some also don’t support mobile shopping properly .So, rather than typing the information about your card repeatedly Google will save the details about your cards in your first purchase. Therefore, if Google finds a solution to purchase products in a simpler form with their buy button then it is certain that shopper would buy things more often with their mobile..

Direct content

Usually marketers invest large sums of money on shopping ads which alters every now and then. Many times these advertisements provided on websites don’t lead to any link, thus it becomes a length process for the buyers. So, In order to make the process more direct and easier Google buy button will lead to direct content of the products just by typing the search engine.

Just to be clear, Google is not becoming a retailer, it will just bring things everything together under one roof.

Minor limitation

The only folly of this button is that Google will not reveal customer payment information, making the customer’s identity hidden to the seller. Therefore, purchaser will not be experiencing shopping with the producer, seller or the brand directly.

So, Google buy button will have a massive impact on e-commerce and would most likely make the online shopping experiences through mobile for the customers more likable, simple and comfortable.

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