Telecommuting advantages for your company (part 2)


Telecommuting, more than a trend, has become a new option to work remotely and that offers many advantages for companies and their employees. In the first part of this series of articles I introduced the subject explaining the types of labors that can be performed in this way and what we have to take into account in order to implement telecommuting. In this new post and the next ones I will write about the different benefits that this new way of working brings to our companies.

Employees’ happiness and the benefits for my company

Working remotely from home provides a series of benefits to our employees in terms of life quality. In this way, a person that works from home is able to control in a better way their personal life because they can balance it easily, decrease stress and also work in a more comfortable agenda. In other words, the employee is going to feel much more at ease and happy with the company.

This besides translating into responsibility with our employees also means a huge advantage for our company, especially for two reasons. On the first place, having the possibility that our employee performs his duties at home provides a competitive advantage to our company when compared to other businesses. In this way it is going to be possible to hire the best talent on my firm because they are going to prefer to work on a company that offers this possibility that working on a company in which they are going to have to fulfill a schedule and atend to the office.

The second advantage that the office might perceive with telecommuting is that the employees that are already working for my firm are not going to search for new work opportunities, because they are going to be confortable at my company. Lets remember that today companies have a high degree of employee turnover because they are always searching for better opportunities and work environments. In this way if we are able to offer this modality that might increase their life quality less employees are going to search for this new opportunities. This is a great benefit for our company taking into account the high cost of search, engagement and training of new employees.


What I have just presented shows us the importance of providing our employees the best work situation. On my next post I will introduce other advantages of telecommuting.


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