Being an Entrepreneur

Alternatives to our own e-commerce (Part 1)

  Selling through the Internet is very interesting taking into account it has some advantages when we compare it with a physical store: we don’t require huge investments in infrastructure, we can offer more goods because we don’t have a space restriction and it functions as a showcase that is …

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Replacing imports with national products

  On my last two posts, I have talked about subjects related with things we can make in crisis eras. Therefore, I mentioned the importance of having businesses in our economy and also on other economies, and also about the importance of investing in the sales of our companies. Today …

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Some deserved vacations

Many people dream about being entrepreneurs, among other reasons because they think it is an easier life where you don’t depend on what a boss say you must do having a much flexible life. Even if this is truth in some measure and in some cases (because there are entrepreneurs …

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