Being an Entrepreneur

Pros and cons about entrepreneurship

Being this a blog that talks about entrepreneurship, many times I have written about my experience as an entrepreneur. Therefore, in different posts I have written about taking this step, the things that make it difficult among other subjects. In this new post I will mention subjects I already have …

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When should I become independent?

The title of this post, short and definite, is one of the first questions people ask themselves when they work for a company and have the idea of becoming independent and create their own company. Obviously there is not a perfect answer for this question because it is a subjective …

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Social Security in Colombia: A headache

Generally, in this blog, I try to talk about subjects that are widely understood from any corner of the world, because fortunately we have readers in every continent. However today I want to share with our readers a subject that I know that entrepreneurs in Colombia will understand much more …

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